VDU full form stands for “Visual Display Unit” that is useful in displaying images generated by a computer or any other electronic device. This term VDU is generally used synonymously for a “monitor,” but does not refer to only and can relate to another kind of display, like a digital projector.

VDU is a British term that is used for defining any device used with computers to display text and pictures. To apprise better, a flat-panel display and a projector are both examples of VDUs.

Is VDU An Output Device ?

A Video display unit (VDU) has parts like a computer output device that makes the use of beam tube or other technology to present visual images.

It also consists of one or more input devices, like a keyboard, a mouse, or both.

How Does VDU Work ?

The terminology VDU refers to any piece of kit in use which includes a monitor that the user looks at and also a keyboard that is used to enter input to make interaction with the System or a Computer.

Types Of Visual Display Units

Presently, there are two main technologies namely liquid crystals and organic light-emitting diodes, dominating the visual displays market.

Previously the beam tube were used but now has vanished from the scene, and plasma monitors can also be seen in use for some applications.

VDU Advantages

  • VDU is not very expensive than any other.
  • Comes with high quality resolution.
  • It offers animation capability.
  • Virtually unlimited range of variable color capability.
  • The modern VDU’s are thinner, which provides less space.

VDU Disadvantages

  • There is only limited and selected number of graphic.
  • Limited screen size which effects character size and limits effective viewing distance.
  • The screen is very sensitive and you need to be careful when cleaning.

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