Uttar Pradesh Online Building Plan Approval System-UPOBPAS

Uttar Pradesh has launched the system of online building plan approvals that have eased the process of getting approvals for the building and UPOBPAS online payment. The housing department along with development authority have developed it to reduce the amount of time spent on these kinds of approvals and to reduce human interference along with enhancing transparency.

It is a great system that extends the use of available technologies with limited time period and manpower involved. It also have helped the officials to perform their tasks with accuracy and faster than before. Created a platform that is highly secure and dynamic to adjust the continuous changes which keep on occurring. Thus, UPOBPAS is an effective method of getting things easy and on track.

What are the mandatory documents required for UPOBAS?

• Sale Deed/Gift Deed/Will Deed/Any other Deed

• Architect/Engineer Registration Certificate

• Common Affidavit

• Mutation Document/Possession Letter

• Calculation sheet of Estimate with Affidavit

The above mentioned documents are necessary if you want to get your approval of building plan online. But there are some conditional documents needed that depends on site or the plot. Thus online approval system was much needed.

Conditional Documentation Needed As Per Site/Plot

• NOC from Acquisition Section

• NOC from Nazool Department

• NOC from Trust Section

• NOC from Property Section

• NOC from Ceiling Department

• Planning Department Certificate

• NOC from Tehsil

• NOC from Municipal Corporation

• NOC from S.P. Traffic

• NOC from Airport Authority/ Defence airport

• NOC from Irrigation Dept

• NOC from Public Work Dept

• NOC from Metro

• NOC from Railways

• NOC from Forest Dept

• NOC from NHAI (Highway)

• NOC from Safe Zone

• NOC from Additional District Magistrate

• NOC from UPAVP

• NOC from Regional Tourist office

• NOC from NCRTC

• NOC from Jail

• NOC from Mining

• NOC from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Where to submit form?

Get house map approval in Uttar Pradesh by submitting the form online at:

http://niveshmitra.up.nic.in/ (For High Risk Building)

https://upobpas.in/ (For Low Risk Building)

What is the fee of UPOBAS?

The fee is variable and not fixed as it totally depends on the project site. It is auto-calculated based on inputs and can only be paid online.

What are the steps to follow for getting the license?

Step- 1 : Applicant shall open the Online Single Window Portal using the address and register in Online portal using their personal Details along with Contact Details. The password will be generated and sent thru submitted SMS/Email. Now, use the User id and Password to log into the online Web portal.

Step – 2 : Once you have logged into web portal, the Applicant shall fill the common application form and create Unit.

Step – 3 : Select apply for permission, choose unit, select Department “Housing Department” and service “Building Plan Approval” then click on proceed. The applicant will go ahead and submit the application form for service “Building Plan Approval”.

Step – 4 : Once the application is filled, Pay Scrutiny Charges and Building Permission Fee.

Step – 5 : Submit Predcr converted CAD drawing in online system.

Step – 6 : Predcr converted CAD drawing pass in Auto Scrutiny.

Step – 7 : Once Drawing pass, apply for Post Approval.

Step – 8 : Development Authority Scrutinizes the Application and raised query (if required) within 7 days by sanctioning officer.

Step – 9 : Applicant corrects queries raised by sanctioning officer and resubmit.

Step – 10 : Plan Sanction By Sanctioning Officer Of D.A. On The Basis of NOCs, Corrected drawing and Documents.

Step – 11 : Plan sanction Document generated by System with condition & digitally signed by sanction officer of DA.

Step – 12 : Applicant can download the Document from online system.

Please read the Uttar Pradesh building rules before you fill and finally submit the online form.

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