Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Top 10 Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Bedroom is the most important place in a home where you spend private time alone or with the dear ones. It is the part of the house where you relax your senses and unwind the stress. Therefore, your bedroom must be relaxing, soothing and calming.

Thus, the interior designing of the bedroom is important with thoughtful colour combinations. Right from the furniture to the curtains, you should choose everything very carefully to make it decent. Choosing the color combination is another tough task, if you want, you can go for two-color combinations for bedroom walls.

So, we suggest you some of the best two colour combination ideas for your bedroom walls:

1. Indigo Blue and White

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Indigo Blue and White is a perfect combination for the bedroom. It is a shade of blue that gives warmth to the room and creates exotic ambiance. Coupling it with the white colour will make it look more decent and sharp. It will also create a cosy environment that help you feel soothe. Indigo with white is an obvious two colour combination choice for your bedroom walls.

2. Brown and Cream

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Another colour combination that works well is brown with cream. It gives an elegant and urbane look to your most peaceful space of the house. Enhance the aesthetics by adding dark wood furniture to this room and elevate the standard of living.  

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3. Lavender and Off-white

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If you want to try something different than those monotonous shades, then a reserved White with Lavender is another colour combination. I will make it more unusual and individualized. It is a rare combination that provides the calming and comfortable ambiance helping you to have a sound sleep.

4. Light Blue and Radiant Yellow

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Light blue and bright yellow are happy colours that brings brightness elevating the goodness and great vibes in and around. This precise combination will make your bedroom feel bigger that it actually is.

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5. Shades of Grey

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Grey is a great neutral colour that blends with well with its own shades. So, choosing different shades of grey on the bedroom walls will ultimately make the room speaks class for itself.

6. Light brown and Muted Green

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What to give your room a spacious look decor, then choose the right colour combination such as light brown and muted green. It may not be eye-grabbing at once but will spread an earthy and natural feel to your bedroom.

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7. Lime Green and Wisely Pink

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Blending up well, lime green and wisely pink is a subtle colour combination that gives your room an energizing aura. Feel the rejuvenation in your sleeping place making it a whole lot easier for you to escape your bed during early mornings.

8. Peach and White

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Peace and white are calming colours and choosing them for the bedroom walls can give you the feel of contentment.  It adds more comfort to the room and brings in warmth ambiance. These colours will create a special comfort for lighter sleep.

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9. Burgundy and Beige

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Burgundy with beige settles together better creating a subtle appearance of the bedroom. It can either add warmness or cool that will make a restful backdrop in any style of bedrooms.

10. Shades of Purple

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Purple is another good colour and it gets blended with its shade well. Breaking the myth that the multiple colours are only for the bold, shades of purple makes the luxurious and playful nature in the bedroom colour. Choose these shades of purple to make your favourite space unique, yet subtle then.

Now that we have given the top 10 colour combinations for bedroom walls, its time, you choose the colour combination that suits your personality the most.

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