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Methods to Pay Property tax in Delhi 2022

Every year residents of Delhi are required to pay property tax to the MCD( municipal cooperation of Delhi) which comes with a deadline. To make it hustle-free for the working-class people, MCD offers online with very easy steps.

If you have a residential property in Delhi, paying tax to the municipal cooperation of Delhi is a must. MCD charges property taxes on all properties that also include vacant properties, that fall within the jurisdiction. In 2012, three new bodies have replaced Delhi’s Municipal Corpoartion.

How to calculate the tax on Property in Delhi?

MCD calculates the tax on the property by using the ‘Unit Area System’ throughout the City, like if you are planning to buy DLF One Midtown Property in Moti Nagar then the property tax will be different for the area than the properties located in the other areas of Delhi.

The formulas to calculate property tax by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is as follows:

  1. The property tax is equal to the annual value multiplied by the tax rate
  2. The value per square meter of the unit area is multiplied by the unit area of the property then multiplied by the age factor, use factor, structure factor, and occupancy factor.
  3. Every year, MCD publishes the rate of tax on categories like a tax on residential, industrial property, and residential properties. A list of the applicable rates is available on the MCD website.

Here are the following steps for Online Payments of MCD property Tax:

Step 1. Go to the MCD official website: and choose the location for which you have to pay like the South Delhi MCD, the North Delhi MCD, or the East Delhi MCD.

Step 2. It requires you to choose from the selected options. To file your property tax, click on ‘Click here to file property tax’ and click on the box for agreeing on the terms and conditions.

Step 3. Here you have to choose a property ID for the tax of the year 2019-2020 and another year ID property. Type your property ID in.

Step 4. If you are filling property for the first time then click on the option ‘First time, online taxpayer’ and if you haven’t been assigned any Property ID then click on click here. Upon clicking ‘I have read and accepted the declaration made above’, you will be directed to a separate page where you must enter the necessary details. Then click ‘Submit’. Then the Property ID will be sent to your registered mobile number. This Id can be used to file your property tax in the future.

Step 5. Select one of the options- ax ID for 2014-15 or another year’s tax ID and enter the tax ID in the appropriate field.

Step 6. You’ll be directed to a separate page that contains all the information about your property ownership.

Step 7. Now you can enter the details of your property and the tax will automatically calculate. Click on the ‘Submit’ Button.
The mode of payments can be done using a credit/debit card or via your internet banking account.

Step 8. When the tax is paid, click on the ‘Generate Challan’ button. You can download your challan from here.

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Municipal Corporation of Delhi property tax can be paid offline:

If you don’t want to pay Property tax online, you can pay it offline too. There are more than 8000 ITZ cash counters all over the city. Once your payment is receive, you will receive an instant receipt that includes your property tax ID. Save this Property ID for future payments.

Note: In case, you forget your previously assigned ID then the system will issue a new one, which you can use in the future.

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