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MBC Full Form in Medical, What is The Full Form of MBC?

MBC Full Form stands for Metastatic Breast Cancer which is a type of breast cancer that can spreads to another part of body such as liver, brain, bones or lungs. This is also known as a type of stage IV cancer.  This metastatic tumor formed in the other place of our body by the cell of breast cancer.

In this type of cancer the cell breaks down from the original tumor and then it travels to the other parts. It can be transmitted to the body through bloodstream or through the lymphatic system. And, nearly 30% of women those who are diagnosed with breast cancer in early stage have chances to develop metastatic disease. Some women were not diagnosed before it spread to another part of the body.

There are rare chances that the metastatic breast cancer might not get away completely, but yes, the right treatment may control it for many years. Also, if one treatment stops working then the patient has to opt from another treatment.

The cancer may be probably active sometimes and then it goes into remission at other times. Never take breaks between the treatment if the disease is under control and patient starts to feel good because that’s the silliest mistake and can lead to big difference in the quality of life.

Metastatic disease is NOT hopeless and one should be cautions enough to take care. Many patients continue their productive life with breast cancer in this stage. Moreover, there is various kind of treatment and also new medicines are being tasted.

Meaning Of MBC In Medical:

There is another MBC full form that refers to Maximal Breathing Capacity (MBC) and is also known as Maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV).

It is defined as the max minute volume of ventilation of a subject can maintain for 12 to 15 s. MVV/MBC is about 15 to 20 times of the resting minute volume and in the normal subject usually one fit young and adult male have 170 l.min−1 MBC. This value depends on body size, age and sex.

MBC Full Form In Medical Terminology:

This is an antibacterial agent that is useful in killing a particular bacterium. And basically, the minimum concentration of antibacterial agent to do this is known as Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC).

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