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What Is The Full Form Of IB?

IB full form stands for Intelligence Bureau. It refers to the intelligence agency of India that mainly deals with internal intelligence.

It handles threats inside the country and provides information about doubtful activities to other intelligence agencies. Further the police take required steps and actions to protect the country and its citizens from the internal or external threats. IB is also assigned with the tasks related to counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

Intelligence Bureau was formed in 1887 to keep an eye on Russian-troops deployed in Afghanistan. It is one of the oldest intelligence agencies in India that was re-crafted by the government of India at the time of independence in 1947.

The director of IB has always been an Indian Police Service officer; the current IB director (as of October, 2021) is Arvind Kumar. The life of an IB officer is not at all easy and is full of danger and sacrifices.

IB has the right to issue licenses of radio frequencies and tap a phone line. It also has an email spying system to monitor emails of terrorist organizations and other malicious groups. With it’s Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau that works at the state level.

Some Popular Ranks/Positions In Intelligence Bureau

  1. Director Intelligence Bureau
  2. Special Director/Secretary
  3. Additional Director
  4. Joint Director
  5. Deputy Director
  6. Assistant Director
  7. Deputy Central Intelligence Officer

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