Himbhoomi: How to check online land records in Himachal Pradesh?@ himachal.nic.in

Himbhoomi is the online portal of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It facilitates both landowners, as well as buyers, to verify the details of their lands online. The reason behind the creation of the website is to provide users with the land records of the state online. The portal was developed with the joint efforts of the Revenue department of the state and the National Informatics Centre.

Citizens who want to get online land records in Himachal Pradesh can visit the portal of the state. The website not only provides them with the land records of all the cities in the state but also their current prices. The records of lands of these cities are recognized as Fard and Jamabandi in the state. People can find their required details about the lands in Himachal Pradesh online using khewat, khasra, and khatauni information on the official website of the state.

Easy ways to check online land records in Himachal Pradesh

Step 1- First, you need to visit the official portal of the state, himachal.nic.in.

Step 2- At the bottom of the site, you can find a ‘View land Record’ key.

Step 3- Clicking on the key will direct you to the himbhoomi jamabandi page, on which you need to enter the details of the required information.

Step 4 – On the redirected page, you need to enter the name of the district in the state, its tehsil, the village name, as well as the year of jamabandi.

Step 5 – Below this table, you will find a case-sensitive captcha code.

Step 6 – Entering the code correctly and clicking the OK button, you will land on the information page.

Step 7 – On the land information page of the website, you will get the details about cases where you have already applied to obtain land records in Himachal Pradesh by entering your application number.

Step 8 – Then you may need to fill in khatauni, khewat, and khasra, including your mobile number, email address, and captcha code.

How can you get land records on your mobile phone?

You can get himbhoomi jamabandi details on your mobile phone, as well. The portal has been designed to be compatible with various mobile apps, so getting your required land records information will be extremely simple.

You can download the app to your mobile phone easily.

Check whether your Android phone or Tablet is installed with the mHimBhoomi app. If not, you can visit the Google Play Store and install the software on your device.

How does the app help you find online land records in Himachal Pradesh?

The land records maintenance system in India is extremely complicated, making people experience difficulty in finding the essential records of the lands in the state. Thus, the revenue department of the state joined hands with the National Informatics Centre and developed an app, known as HimBhoomi software, to make the process easier. The software aids users greatly not only in checking the online land records in Himachal Pradesh easily but also quickly.

The software that offers the Himbhoomi land records is not only helpful to people. It also caters to the needs of the revenue department of the state to a great extent. It is the exact duplication of the current manual system with improvements. The software is compatible with requirements, thus, facilitating its repetition without any confrontation from the revenue staff.

Moreover, the land records software offers users complete detail about the land reforms in the entire Himachal Pradesh state. The software assigns a unique code to each user appearing in any capacity in himbhoomi nakal jamabandi, thus facilitating the user to know the extent of land occupied.

With the software, Himbhoomi provides people with the details of both customary rights, as well as Forestry rights, which are often requisitioned by different Courts of Law. The online portal of the state has a comprehensive MIS, providing citizens with the details of the minor Irrigation census as well as the agriculture census.

Benefits of Himbhoomi?

The revenue department of Himachal Pradesh designs its portal with many top-notch technical features. The website ensures standardization and rationalization of various documents relevant to the Himbhoomi nakal jamabandi during entry. This will reduce entry errors considerably.

If you are a Patwari., you will be capable of executing and operating the website easily. Moreover, the revenue department of the Himachal Pradesh government designs the app to be compatible with the regional language of the state. This will facilitate data entry operators of the revenue department to enter data in their local language, which is Hindi.

All online land records in Himachal Pradesh has been incorporated with wide codification, such as the types of:

  • Land
  • Caste
  • Sub-caste
  • Cultivator
  • Nine-fold land categorization
  • General remarks

These details not only help the staff with the sustainability of codes on the screen. They also aid users greatly in getting the right code for their right land record in the state.

Above all, the Himbhoomi nakal jamabandi software aids the staff of the revenue department of the state considerably in performing extensive offline as well as online validation routines and screen reports with ease. The software of the website features a three-tier security system, such as login, role, and database level. This means that the site is not only safe to use but also simple to use for people, as it comes incorporated with many informative user manuals.

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