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It is before we directly shaft to the core topic of checking rates online, let me first update you on the term jantri of Gujarat. The definition states that it is a legal document that specifies the rate of building or land in Gujarat.  These rates fluctuate and the Gujarat government fixes them at periodic intervals. The jantri Gujarat scheme is about allocating the exact price for a property in the state of Gujarat. The government fixes the unit rate and based on that the property registration, stamp duty calculation takes place. Are you willing to know the value of the real estate you own?  The jantri provides you such extensive details.

It is now easy to known the current rates of property here in Gujarat because the garvi jantri rates for the year 2021 have been released. Are you eager to know the rate of your land? Here is a step-by-step guide on the ways to check rates online. 

How to check the jantri rates on the internet platform

The location of the land has a significant say as the revenue department fixes a price. The minimum price for land or building in a locality is defined as the Gujarat jantri rate and you must understand the math behind it. There are several factors at work here and these are the points. 

Step 1: The precise structure type will play a key role in deciding the rates. 

Step 2: The infrastructure provided is also responsible for rate fluctuations

Step 3: The specification associated with the real estate and maintenance will also determine the rate. 

Step 4: One must first log in to the Gujarat Revenue department and select the Jantri home page.

Step 5: You will run into a district map displayed and the next function will be to select the district. 

Step 6: After you have selected the district, the next function will be to enter details such as Takluk, survey number, village, land type. 

Step 7: One must then click on the show jantri to obtain rates. 

It is also possible to obtain jantri through E- Dhara Kendra

This is another medium for someone on the lookout for the Gujarat jantri rate online. Here you will have to follow some basic steps. 

  • One must fill up the application for jantri at the E- Dhara Kendra. You must fill in the entire details such as name, address, aadhaar card number, email ID, and even the mobile number. There is also a need to mention land details such as surrey number, land units, the extent of land. 
  • They may also ask for specific supporting documents related to the land 
  • The operator will issue a jantri application for future references. 
  • Since it is an online request, it will be processed by the Tahsildar. It is then a field survey will conducte. 
  • It is on completion of the survey the jantri will be issued by the Tahsildar.

Why is the jantri important

This is an important certificate and there are plenty of reasons why it may be necessary. 

  • The certificate can be perfect collateral as you seek a loan from the bank.
  • You can get a visa with the help of this document. 
  • Are you looking to enroll as a contractor? One will need this document. 
  • The figure should include in your capital gains tax. 

What does this document contain

It is a land value certificate, which should be obtained from the government website every three to five years. Here is what it contains; 

Step 1: It offers the precise unit rates on the land at a specific date. 

Step 2: It also indicates the time of assessment and year of valuations. 

Step 3: It also gives an insight into the property details and these are useful at the time of registration. 

The document you need to obtain a Jantri 

You need some important documents to obtain the jantri and here are the details for you. 

Step 1: The title deed or the sale deed copy 

Step 2: A copy of the encumbrance certificate.

Step 3: You also need to carry the registration document copy. 

Step 4: One also needs a copy of the pattadar passbook. 


Who is responsible for issuing the land certificate in Gujarat

The Tahsildar has to issue the land certificate of jantri. 

How much time will he take to issue the certificate

It should issue within a month of your application. 

Where do I correct any issues with the land certificate

If there is a need to correct anything on the certificate you must approach the E- Dhara Kendra. 

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