ECCE Full Form

ECCE Full Form – Early Childhood Care and Education

ECCE full form stands for Early Childhood Care and Education. It basically aspires to develop an overall child’s emotional, social, and physical needs. So, that it helps in forming them into a firm, wide-ranging foundation and attaining full potential for lifelong wellness.

ECCE is responsible for building capable future citizens as they envision imbibing overall and well-being. Right from the time of birth to right years, the child’s time is crucial and leads to remarkable brain development. They get highly influenced by factors, environment, and other people surrounding them.

General Objectives Of ECCE

  • Adaptation to their surroundings
  • Developing an enthusiasm for learning
  • Fostering social skills
  • Instilling team/sharing attitudes
  • Promotes a holistic development
  • Enhancing age-appropriate use of technology

What Skills Are Required For ECCE?

Every age group is different and specially children. Considering the factors like sensitivity and grasping power, children possesses qualities different from adults. Teachers are always required to possess a particular skill set to approach. So, as to develop a toddler which will enable them to motivate and work while finding success and joy in everyday living.

  • Enthusiasm and love for children
  • Patience and humor
  • Creativity and adaptability
  • Respect of differences as each child is exclusive in their learning style and personality
  • Age Bar and Eligibility

In India, an ECCE course can be pursued by anyone above the age of 18 and to be eligible for the course one must have 10+2 level qualification. Early childhood education encompasses an ecce diploma course open for everyone.

But the marks criteria of admission are different for everyone and vary from institution to institution. The duration of this diploma course is for a year and even, many of them institutes conduct entrance exams plus interviews. This course generally helps you to lead a better life and helps in developing skills knowledge, attitude. It is necessary with young children and enables them to manage and organize childcare centres like preschool, nursery school, kindergarten, and day care centres.

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