Understand DPC Full Form, Meaning In Construction And Waterproofing

DPC full form stands for Damp Proof Course in the construction industry. Today, in every property for sale waterproofing is done. This article is all about how to protect a home by using the means of damp proof course (DPC). So, let’s know the meaning, uses, definition, functions and waterproofing.

DPC full form in Hindi (डी पी सी का फुल फॉर्म) is (डैम्प प्रूफ कोर्स).

What is the Meaning of DPC?

DPC refers to the application of damp proof layer of waterproof material used in the Wall of building/ flats for sale near the ground to prevent from rising damp.

  • The full form of DPC is Damp Proof Course, it is a layer of water proof material in the wall of building near the ground to prevent rising damp.
  • Damp proof course (DPC) is generally applied at the basement level of ground and plinth which restrict the movement of moisture through the wall and floors.
  • It acts as barrier through the structure designed to prevent Water Rising by the capillary action such phenomenon known as rising damp.
  • The DPC layer is generally laid below all masonry walls to prevent seepage issue in the properties for sale.

Know The Emergence Of DPC

DPC emerged during the Victorian era and is commonly found in building constructions from around 19 century. The process of damp proofing or damp proof in construction is type of moisture control application applied to building wall and floor to prevent from passing into the interior space of the houses for sale.

The problem of dampness does not look good and unnatural; also, it’s fade the interior and exterior designing of your building and decreases its life.

Why is it good to use of Damp Proofing?

  1. It is defined by the American Society for testing and material (ASTM) as the material that resist the passage of water.
  2. The problem of rising damp is caused by capillary action where the moisture moves up through the porous element of building structure of either a residential property or a commercial property one like brick wall.
  3. If there is absence of damp proof course (DPC) or (damp proof membrane DPM), it causes the chances of rising damp or the presence of penetrating damp.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is referred to the process of making structure like building, dams, Bridge, water treatment plant, water sewage treatment plant that is waterproof or water resistant. It is important to make a property relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified condition like heavy rain.

At present, waterproofing of residential and commercial building is important and is a requisite. Waterproofing can be done in all structure member of building. Like roof slab, exterior wall, interior wall, flooring and masonry wall. To save the homes for sale from any kind of damage.

Thus, waterproofing in building is the formation of impervious barrier over surface of foundation, roof, wall and other member. It helps in preventing water penetration through these surfaces. So, buy a property only in the buildings that are made water resistance and sometime waterproof.

What are the Types Of Damp Proofing Course (DPC)?

According to their use and function damp proofing course is broadly classified into three categories.

1) DPC: – It is a barrier through the structure designed to protect moisture rising by the capillary action. Such as through of phenomenon known as rising damp. The DPC layer is usually laid below all masonry wall commonly hot bitumen used as DPC known as Asphalt.

2) DPM: – In this material like polyethene plastic sheet applied to prevent the moisture on the Damp proof membrane.

3) Integral Damp Proofing: – This type involves use of some extra additive material to the concrete mix. It makes the concrete material itself impermeable to water.

What are The Properties Of Material For DPC?

An effective damp proofing material should have the following properties like mentioned below for construction of the best properties for sale.

  1. It should be free from deliquescent salt like sulphate nitrate and chloride.
  2. It should be solid.
  3. Should be strong and durable.
  4. DPC Material should be capable of withstanding both dead and live load of a structure without damage.
  5. Damp proofing material should be dimensionally stable.

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