21 Ways In Which Noida And Greater Noida Could Change In 2021

21 Ways In Which Noida & Greater Noida Could Change In 2021

There have been many major changes that have taken place in Noida and Greater Noida in the last few years. Especially the real estate in Noida had got a major boost as lots of infrastructure projects welcomed the investment inflow in the region.

In this blog there are 21 ways that would not only accentuate the real estate investment but also the liveability quotient in the region.

Both these destination in the National Capital Region (NCR) have witnessed massive evolution over the last few years.

As major developments have taken place such as the extension of the Aqua Line metro corridor from Noida Sector 51 to Greater Noida Depot. It is not just this, the buyers who are interested in buying property found the connectivity factor of the region has improved. All this has added to real estate market to take an upswing. And, this trend is expected to continue in 2021 as the approval of the Master Plan 2041 by the NCR Planning Board and the announcement of Budget 2021-22 have paved the way for numerous advancements that affirm a promising realty growth in the region.

Here are the 21 factors that are likely to change the face of the Noida and the Greater Noida region in 2021.

1. Noida Authority Master Plan 2041– The Noida Authority has planned to allotted additional land parcels for industrial, residential, commercial and institutional uses.

2. Noida International Airport– The airport is one of the finest developments that will attract many multinational companies and generate new job opportunities, which has is boosting the demand of properties for sale.

3. More New developments- With planned 20,000 hectares of land extending the boundary till Bulandshahar, an adjoining district.

4. Introduction of the Apartment Act- One of the prime factors making Noida’s residential properties for sale on the rise is different from Delhi’s market is the absence of the Apartment Act.

5. Noida Extension Metro– Extension of metro line is one of the major reason for rise of Noida and Greater Noida property sale.

6. Road connectivity- Noida and Greater Noida both have well-planned roads and connectivity.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)- The model has been planned that will be an IoT designed for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

8. Sports infrastructure- The sports infrastructure development is rapidly taking place that will further enhance the lifestyle.

9. Financial assistance- Government is spending and also relaxing the tax slabs in Budget 2021-22 will also boost the realty market in Noida and Greater Noida as it has increased the purchasing power of potential home buyers.

10. Land conversion- The Noida authority’s approval to convert leasehold property into freehold would benefit property owners as it would allow redevelopment and help them pass on the benefit of ownership to further generations. Besides, it would also reduce the burden of transfer charges which is a significant cost for a buyer.

11. Steady power supply – Noida was designed to be a no-power-cut zone as many power stations are backing it up.

12. Investment potential- Apart from the Electronic city to boost the manufacture and IT set-up, the State government has also announced a Film City and a Raya Heritage City off the Yamuna Expressway to attract investments and boost tourism.

13. Flexible workplaces- It will be paramount for every company returning to work to ensure the safety of its employees.

14. Altered shopping trend- Having altered shopping trends as many malls, centres are in making.

15. Habit for a habitat- A Habitat in Noida that will house art galleries, convention halls and open spaces for exhibitions and shows. It does not end here; it plans to have four banquet halls, a hotel, a shopping area and office spaces.

16. Going online- Greater Noida is taking things online by mapping every infrastructure and maintaining its database to ease the processes.

17. Clean and green Noida– Promoting the green and clean Noida, the authority’s initiative of door-to-door waste collection is appreciable.

18. Well-Planned Spacing up- In a bid to prevent Noida’s roads from being swamped with encroachers and street vendors, the authority has planned to set up designated areas for vendors.

19. Safety is priority- The concerned Noida authority has been planning to allot land parcels for two police stations considering the safety of its residents.

20. Pod Taxi service- Fostering the connectivity further, India’s first pod taxi service will be introduced between Film City and Noida Airport.

21. More sectors on the list- There are many sectors that are under development and would be the next big living destinations.

So, buy home in Noida or Greater Noida, you will always be in the advantageous side.

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